About us

Sijung corp. is a research institute established with the technology investment of the Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science. Based on the funded ejaculation meter technology, we are developing not only an optical ejaculation meter, but also an image visibility system.

In the case of a visual field monitoring system using artificial intelligence, it is about to be commercialized for the first time in the world. A number of related patents are also in possession.

"The best way to predict the future is to create future." As Former U.S. President Abram Lincoln said, we intend to directly create a paradigm for the self-regulatory market. That is Sijung's dream future.

President Sintae Chae

AI meteorological company

Certificates & Patents

Intellectual property name

  • 1Integrated Multi-Wavelength Remote Visibility Meter

    Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science Investment technology

  • 2Multi-window cloud detection using optical CCD camera

    Korea Astronomy Observatory Technology transfer

  • 3Image analysis using artificial intelligence Visibility Meter
  • 4Vehicle image using artificial intelligence Visibility Meter
  • 5Visibility meter applying artificial intelligence
  • 6System for measuring the distance based on image information and a method for measuring the distance by using the system
  • 7Image Processing System Using Convolution Neural Network and Image Processing Method Using It
  • 8Visibility meter using beam splitter
  • 9Visibility meter using LED light source and long path open cell method