About us

Sijung was established as a research institute through technology investment from Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS). Based on the invested visibility meter technology, image visibility meter as well as optical visibility meter have been developed.

commercialized the image visibility meter using artificial intelligence for the first time in the world and obtained a number of patents.

"The best way to predict the future is to create the future." As Peter Drucker said, we will create the market paradigm of visibility meters on ourselves. It is the future that Sijung is dreaming of.

President Sintae Chae

AI meteorological company

Certificate & Patent

Intellectual property name

  • 01Visibility meter applying LED light source and Long Path Open Cell type
  • 02Visibility meter using the beam splitter
  • 03Visibility measuring system based on image information and usage methods
  • 04Image processing system using the convolutional neural network and usage methods
  • 05Visibility meter applying artificial intelligence
  • 06Visibility meter for vehicles using artificial intelligence
  • 07Image analysis visibility meter using artificial intelligence (patent validation confirmed)
  • 08Simulator for measurement of visibility distance
  • 09Visibility meter of night
  • 10System for visibility measurement with vehicle speed measurement
  • 11Image analysis system using artificial intelligence and usage methods
  • 12Sea fog or fog detection system and method using satellite photos
  • 13Multi-window cloud detection using optical CCD camera
  • 14Integrated multi-wavelength remote visibility Meter
  • 15Image analysis visibility meter to measure prevailing visibility using panoramic images and artificial intelligence